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Enermax multifunctional front panels – Mighty Charger 5.25“


Enermax announces the sales launch of the new Mighty Charger series: In Europe, the two multifunctional front panels with card reader for 5.25" and 3.5" bays will be available next week.

Upgrade Your Desktop PC to a Multimedia Station

Hamburg, 22nd of August 2014. Considering the huge variety of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, cameras, MP3 players etc.) and the growing volumes of data (photos, videos, music etc.), the PC has become a platform which connects different devices and formats. Thereofore, it is annoying if the initial configuration of your computer does not fulfill all requirements: No memory card slots, an insufficient number or hard-to-reach USB ports complicate a regular and frequent data transfer. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade your PC without investing a lot of time and money. As an experienced case manufacturer, Enermax knows about the problems and wishes of his customers. With the Mighty Charger series, the company presents a solution to upgrade a desktop PC to a modern multimedia station. The two new multifunctional front panels will enter the European market in coming week.

Mighty Charger 5.25“ (ECR501): Convenient 2-in-1 Solution for External and Internal Data Storage Devices
The ECR501 multifunctional front panel is designed for 5.25” bays. As many systems of today get along with just one DVD or Bluray drive, the other 5.25” mounting slots remain vacant. Therefore, the ECR501 from Enermax can be integrated into most PC chassis. And apart from the external interfaces and memory card slots on the front, it provides another smart feature: The new model offers three internal mounting bays for one 3.5” drive and two 2.5” disks (HDD/SSD). Considering the fact that many older cases lack of internal 2.5” bays, you can upgrade your system with the ECR501 in two respects: It not only enhances the options for the external data transfer, but it also creates new space to extend the system’s data volume.
» Product Pictures

Various Options for Memory Cards and External Data Carriers
ECR501 comes with one eSATA port and overall seven USB interfaces: One USB socket complies with the latest high-speed USB 3.0 standard achieving a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbit/s. Another one is designed as charging station for smartphones, tablets etc. The so-called “Super Speed Charger” port can be used to recharge the batteries of mobile devices with up to 2.4A. It complies with the latest USB Battery Charging v1.2 specification. The integrated card reader of the Mighty Charger 5.25” supports all current memory card formats with slots for MS, CF, SD, Extreme Digital, Micro-SD and M2 cards.

The Mighty Charger 5.25“ (ECR501) costs 31.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and will be available for sale next week.
Mighty Charger 3.5“ (ECR301): Many Options for External Data Transfer
The ECR301 is a well-thought multifunctional front panel for 3.5” bays. Due to the more compact size, the 3.5” model offers less USB and memory card slots than the 5.25” version. But for most desktop PC, the Mighty Charger 3.5” (ECR301) is a perfectly good solution. The product provides three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and – like the ECR501 – one „Super Speed Charger“ port for mobile devices. With five slots for MS, CF, SD, Micro-SD and M2 memory cards, the ECR301 supports almost all common formats.
Product Pictures «

The Mighty Charger 3.5” (ECR301) costs 29.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and will be available for sale next week as well.

More technical data and photos of the new multifunctional front panels from Enermax can be found at

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